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With the start of the year behind us, 2019 is already beginning to flash by with some stunning trends emerging in Landscaping and Pool Surrounds. Heading the charge in Australia is a continued focus on eco solutions both inside and outside the home and the start of this year has seen this trend grow exponentially. There are some amazing styles and trends appearing that meet a variety of needs this year, so if you’re considering creating a new backyard paradise in your home there’s something here for you! We’ve put together 5 of our favourite trends below to give you some inspiration for your space.


1. Quality Materials and less chemicals
The materials commonly used for around your pool and in your backyard are changing and we are now
seeing a strong shift towards natural materials and finishes like wood and stone. Stone paving,
sandstone retaining walls, basalt, travertine hardwood sleepers and even pebbles all work to make your
space feel more relaxing and closer to nature. Australians love making the most of their outdoor spaces
to entertain and relax, and clever uses of these materials give you the best of both worlds while also
ensuring your space lasts for as long as possible with minimal maintenance and low impact on the

With the amazing range of pool solutions available, the need for harsh chemicals to start-up or maintain
your pool is also becoming less common. Other options like fresh water and natural mineral sanitizers
are a possible choice for you to reduce the need for chlorine or algaecide and is worth discussing with
your pool specialist.


2. Minimal and seamless design
We have noticed a strong lean towards simple and elegant design. People are looking less for large and
impressive water features that chew energy and resources, and are more focused on simple, minimalist
style elements that subtlety enhance the garden and pool area.
There has also been a strong shift in design towards ensuring the inside and outside spaces of the home
work seamlessly together. People want to make the most of the Australian climate and enjoy outdoor
alfresco areas socialising using each inch of their homes. Creating some visual consistency between the
materials used inside and outside your home are important to create a sense of unity between these areas of the home. Spaces are also starting to get smaller including backyards, which means clever and thoughtful design principles have taken the lead in creating and maximising spaces. Whether you have a small or large outdoor space, clever design can ensure that it is maximised to its full potential.



3. Food Growing
This is one of our favourites, the trend for growing your own produce has been increasing rapidly over
the past 6-12 months. Innovative and stylish garden beds as well as other gardening solutions have
made growing your own food easier, more sustainable and fun for the whole family. With smaller
spaces, we have been seeing hanging plants and wall planters making a return as well as using the nooks
and corners of outdoor areas.

For larger spaces, large fruit trees and shade providing plants are becoming popular to add functionality and shape to your design when landscaping. Food growing can now be a stylish design feature in your garden as well as a functional element to provide you and your family with home grown, fresh produce.



4. Plunge Pools and pool edges
Higher density living has seen a rise in popularity of smaller pools for family entertaining. These pools are still brilliant to relax and cool-down in and many feature stylish sitting benches as an added level of comfort. The emphasis on quality materials and design is a strong focus for plunge pools as they aren’t as large so therefore need to be thoughtfully laid out to maximise their potential.
Design features such as floating coping has become increasingly popular as the increase in design
features in outdoor pools plays out. This edge gives the appearance that it’s “floating” without support
above the pool, a stunning feature visually that adds class and luxury to any pool and outdoor area.




5. Automation and water-saving
Technology has taken off in the pool sphere. Automation has gotten better and there are more options
for people regarding managing their pools cleaning, maintenance and heating that can save pool owners
money and time all year round.
Homeowners are also becoming more environmentally aware and water conscious. New developments in rainwater tanks link in to your pool and can even drip irrigation out to gardens. These are great options for outdoor pool areas and gardens that have been steadily increasing in popularity. Collected water can also be used around the house and for washing. Simple choices like considering the orientation of your pool and how much sun it will receive as well as carefully selecting materials as mentioned above, can all help to reduce water evaporation in your pool.



Whatever your style or desires for your backyard pool oasis there is something out there for you and the increase in more environmentally friendly materials and practices is a great step forward for our industry. So whether you’re after simple concrete and tile for your pool surrounds, full landscaping and garden design, or a unique sustainable garden to feed the whole family, Utopia Landscaping and Pools have a package to suit your needs.

Give us a call today and let us bring your backyard dream to life!


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